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Author: NACHO CARRETERO Editor: Libros del K.O. Collection: Hooligans ilustrado "Hacerte de un equipo es como una conga: es muy fácil entrar, pero muy difícil salir"

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A5 notebook with blank pages and ribbon marker

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A book which summarises RC Deportivo's glorious era: 20 blue and white legendary years AUTHORS: Mero Barral, Santi Peón and Pepe Torrente

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Size: A6 Notebook Blank pages

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RC Deportivo 4 - 0 A.C. Milan UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE quarter final 2004 / 04 / 08

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AUTHORS: Angela Naveira & Bibiana Santiso ILLUSTRATOR: David Pintor

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Author: Héctor Pose Editorial: Damajuana Prologue: Bebeto Linguistic review: Xesús Mosquera Design and layout: Andrés M.Díaz Drawings: Fran Novoa

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DIMENSIONS: 17,5 cm X 17 cm MODELS: Inside: The vinyl sticks on the inside of the glass. Outside: The vinyl sticks on the outside of the glass.

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A historian whose work proves that even though grassroots football was generally abandoned at the time, Coruña had a vast amount of extraordinary youth players thanks to many anonymous people. Who better to symbolise this Academy than Arsenio Iglesias. He was a player and a coach that represents...

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Showing 1 - 30 of 43 items